Dow Pushes Limited NGL Exports

WASHINGTON D.C. — Ann Arbor, MI based Dow Chemical addressed the Senate this week in order to increase efforts on limiting Natural Gas exports from the United States.

Dow CEO Andrew Liveris said, “(It is in order to maintain) energy security, energy independence and jobs for Americans during a manufacturing resurgence in America.”

The recent low natural gas prices have provided a surplus of NGL that Liveris believes should be primarily used for manufacturing in the United States in order to boost the nation’s economy.

Liveris claims that with more than 100 new projects in production facilities in the United States, it represents approximately $95 billion in new investments, with Dow investing $4 billion.

The Dow investment alone is expected to create thousands of new American manufacturing jobs.

Liveris said that if the bulk of the natural gas continues to move offshore, US energy prices would rise, manufacturing jobs would continue to migrate offshore and Saudi Arabia would continue to be the premium provider of gas.

Liveris claimed that if the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources finds a way to control the amount of exported natural gas; American producers, manufacturers and consumers would benefit.


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