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Muehlstein Latin America

Muehlstein Latin America began in 1983 and was named Mobil Polymers with sellers located across Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Costa Rica.  When Muehlstein completed the buyback from Mobil in 1998, we officially changed the name to Muehlstein Latin America.  Originally, products were imported from Saudi Arabia and combined sales were less than 100 million pounds.  Muehlstein launched distribution operations in two more of Latin America’s largest markets in 2004 in Mexico and Brazil.

With the worldwide sourcing support and financial strength of Muehlstein, our Latin American division now has 17 sellers selling close to 650 million pounds per year and prime resin needs of 1600 manufacturers throughout the region.

Today, operations are a successful, growing venture and a leader of the Latin America polymer distribution enterprise.  Our global perspective and personal expertise now extends to Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America by way of Muehlstein International.

Expert sales and customer service offices are located in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Puerto Rico.  Muehlstein management is committed to expanding its local distribution business throughout key Latin American markets as quickly as supply alliances and opportunities permit.