The Global Leader in Polymer Distribution, Resale and Compounding

What sets us apart from the competition is not the number of pounds we sell, but the diverse number of producers we source from. Our unmatched contractual producer relationships secure a broad, continuous, reliable supply to our customers

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Predictable Pricing

In today's economic climate, controlling costs is the key to success. Using highly sophisticated tools, our Risk Solutions team helps hedge price volatility, enabling us to offer what no other material supplier in the industry does: Predictable Pricing. If your business sells goods at a fixed price, or would benefit from reduced price/margin volatility, we may have just the solution.


It's all about leveraging information.

At Muehlstein, we realize that our ability to gather, dissect, and disseminate data around the world, furthers our industry-leading ability to improve the speed, pace, and efficiency of our supply chain.



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Muehlstein is committed to the long-term growth of plastic packaging and we are working with our Customers to offer Eco Friendly options:

Recycled Resins
Compostable Resins
Biohybrid Resins
Degradeable Additives



Muehlstein Goes Green

Our new eco-friendly products keep your customers happy and your footprint green by providing post industrial and post consumer recycled resins, compostable resins, biohybrid resins and more.


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Leader in Polymers

Muehlstein enjoys long-term strategic partnerships with 42 world-class global and regional polymer producers, so our customers benefit from a broad, continuous supply of :

  • Producer branded polymers
  • Our global brand of Certene® certified prime polymers
  • Eco friendly Green products
  • Custom-formulated polyolefin compounds
  • Wide Specification Polymers
  • Post Consumer & Post Industrial Recycled Materials

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  The Global Leader in Polymer Distribution, Resale and Compounding.