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Technical Services

We are incredibly fortunate to have the resources of three industry veterans working exclusively with Muehlstein to deliver best-in-class expertise to our customer base:

BohneClyde Bohne (pronounced “Bow-nee”), will continue as our dedicated blow molding advisor, and has assumed coordinating our product regulatory / certification services. Clyde has worked with Muehlstein exclusively for 2+ years, providing superior technical services in aiding current and prospective customers with Blow Molding processes and applications, as-needed.
Now living in Louisiana, Clyde worked for Allied, Dow and, most recently, ExxonMobil, and is highly regarded throughout our industry for his troubleshooting prowess, deep expertise, steady reliability, and Southern hospitality.


Harvey Gunter provided technical services for Gulf Chemical and DuPont, managed plant operations for three injection molding companies, and then joined Mobil Chemical for 12 years, handling technical service for LDPE, LLDPE, & HDPE as well as development of all injection molding grade products. In 1981, while still employed by Mobil, Harvey was assigned to Muehlstein to coordinate all of our technical needs. In 1989 he transitioned to Muehlstein as a full time employee    to deliver all technical service including PS, PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, ABS, and Nylon. He was especially instrumental in creating the grade slate for Mobil’s rotomolding products (sold through Muehlstein), and in developing new applications for Muehlstein’s rotomolding product line, building the business from scratch. Harvey “retired” from Muehlstein 12.5 years ago, but has since continued to perform as an exclusive technical service consultant for Muehlstein!

LaurentDoug Laurent recently retired from ExxonMobil after a long and successful career, and has since been engaged exclusively with Muehlstein to work with our Sales team to develop new customers, and new applications, that use ExxonMobil’s specialty polyolefin products, including, Exact™, Exceed™, Enable™ and Vistamaxx™. Doug enjoys a sterling reputation in our industry for his specialized knowledge and innovative approaches to specialty film processing and polymer formulations.