Wet Blue

Commitment to the Environment

Our company started in the recycling business. Our expertise led to Muehlstein’s appointment during World War II as the U.S. Government Rubber Collection Agent for the domestic war effort. Today, Muehlstein continues to market over 70 million pounds of Eco Friendly products annually. You can keep your customers happy and your manufacturing footprint green with our array of environmentally friendly products—from Post-Consumer and Post-Industrial Recycled Resins to innovative Compostable Resins, Biohybrid Resins, and Bio-degradable additives.


Recycled Plastics

The use of recycled plastics, whether post-industrial or post-consumer, still presents the lowest risk and most practicle route to a greener product. The amount of energy and resources expended with recycled plastics is much less than bioplastics. Recycled plastics process like their virgin counterparts and with mult-layer technologies can be used without compromising food contact layers. Most importantly, recycled plastics have the best economics of any green options available; an important consideration during tough economic times. There are significant supplies of recycled PP, PE and PS available from Muehlstein.


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