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Global Perspective

Since Herman Muehlstein founded our company back in 1911, we have focused on using information and technology to build and maintain a worldwide supply network with people on the ground in 76 countries supplying polymers to more than 6,400 manufacturers.  We have locations and sales professionals across the United States, who make Muehlstein the continued leader in the large volume “resale” business.

We provide commodity  polymers including Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).  Additionally, we offer:

  • Producer branded and Certene prime polymers
  • Plus generic prime
  • Custom-blended resins
  • Wide-specification
  • Reprocessed resins
  • Recycled resins
  • Eco friendly resins

Muehlstein has four compounding and distribution centers, more than 400 owned railcars, 50 bulk terminals/warehousing/packaging facilities, and an average inventory of more than 100 million pounds.

Muehlstein Canada

(see French translation below)

Established in Canada prior to World War II and headquartered in Toronto, Muehlstein Canada focuses on marketing plastics, polyolefin and styrene polymers across Canada, to provide consistent products to customers through service that exceeds their requirements.

Muehlstein Canada: Une vaste gamme de polymères, représenté par des professionnels de premières classes dévoués à leur clientèle.

Muehlstein Canada vous offre:

  • Des thermoplastiques commericaux, d’ingénieres, de spécialités, ainsi que des composés de caoutchouc provenant de manufacturiers de classe mondiale renommés 
  • Une force de ventes expérimentée possédant un savior-faire hors-pair et une passion pour le service
  • Un personnel de soutien engagé à devenir partenaire de vos succès
  • La force financière et le support de Muehlstein